Lipstick can change your whole appearance, so you want to be sure you’re applying it perfectly. You can choose a lipstick that matches your outfit’s color scheme or go for a neutral shade, since you can never go wrong with that.
The first step is having clean, exfoliated, and hydrated lips, so start with a lip balm and let it fully absorb. Once you’ve lined your lips to your liking, apply a small bit of foundation or concealer on your lips, then dab on a little translucent powder after applying lipstick so the pigment lasts all day.
Like foundation, you should choose a lipstick that compliments your skin tone, so decide if you want a lip liner that’s transparent, close to your skin tone, or close to the shade of lipstick you’re wearing. It’s okay if the lipstick is a little messy, since all you need is concealer to clean up the edges and make the color pop.