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How To Approach Contouring
A Round
Face Shape
1. Focus On The Forehead & Cheekbones
Lightly apply contour to the forehead and cheekbones, deepening the shadow along the hairline and temples and placing contour below the cheeks to lift and enhance the cheekbones.
2. Choose The Right Shade
Pick a contour shade darker than your skin color but not so dark that it looks unnatural. The shade you pick should replicate how your skin appears under a shadow.
Look for a cool shade, even if you have warm undertones, to create the illusion of a shadow rather than a glow.
3. Draping
Draping is a great alternative that uses blush to define your features, as a warm flushed look can be more flattering than contouring.
Draping is also a great way to accentuate how youthful and healthy a full face looks and emphasize your eyes by taking blush all the way up to your temples.