Not only are flowers a beautiful gift, but they’re also the perfect staple to keep around your house for a fresh smell and pop of color. While there’s nothing wrong with gifting someone a premade bouquet from a store, there’s just something special about making your own bouquet, and here’s where to start.
You’ll need 20 to 30 stems of fresh flowers and greenery, a floral knife or sharp scissors, some clear floral tape, and a vase. Stick to three primary colors for your bouquet, choose a variety of bloom sizes for a layered look, and then start laying them out and arranging the flowers and greenery to your liking.
Start by gently rinsing the flowers, remove the leaves on the stem aside from the ones above water, dry off the stem, and then cut all the stems at a 45-degree angle. Then, place the flowers in room temperature water for at least an hour for hydration, and start prepping your vase and water by adding clear tape to the vase in a checkerboard pattern to keep things secure.
The last step is to arrange the bouquet, so on a counter, use the stems of your greenery to create a triangular shape base to cradle the flowers, then add your largest flowers while you turn the vase in a circular motion so your bouquet remains symmetrical, and repeat with each flower. Finally, add your greenery, and to preserve your bouquet, keep it under direct sunlight and change its water daily.