Photo taken in Napoli, Italy
How To Avoid Those Painful Eyebrow Breakouts
We all know about breakouts on our chin, forehead, and cheeks, but eyebrow breakouts are actually more common than you think. Eyebrow breakouts are more difficult to spot since they’re covered by hair, but if you get them, this is how to prevent them from happening again.
Like other parts of the face, eyebrow acne occurs because of the products we use, so when you are using eyebrow gel everyday, the gel penetrates your pores, clogging them. Getting clogged pores near the hair follicles is called folliculitis, and this can happen through eyebrow services like waxing, threading, and tweezing, so it’s best to cleanse the area before and after to prevent inflammation and infection.
Since eyebrow breakouts happen due to clogged pores, you can prevent them by washing your face twice a day and after profusely sweating. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends changing your pillowcases and bed sheets routinely, as well as keeping your hair out of your face, since hair products or oils can clog your pores.