a woman tweezing her eyebrows
How To Change Up Triangle-Shaped Brows
Triangle-shaped brows may be challenging to reshape using tweezers. Eyebrow razors can give a softer arch while avoiding overplucking and providing more control over hair removal.
Before eyebrow shaving, disinfect the razor with an alcohol wipe to prevent skin irritation, then outline your brows with an eyebrow pencil to ensure you get the desired shape.
Map the natural shape of your brow by marking the brow’s start, arch, and end. Lay your pencil from your nostril to the top of the brow or starting point and make a dot.
Angle the pencil 45 degrees beside the pupil and dot your natural arch, then move the pencil to the outer part of your eye where your brow ends. Connect all three dots.
To shape your brows, carefully shave the top of the brow, following the outline and angling the razor to maintain precision. Wipe the razor before repeating on the bottom.
Beginners should use oil around the brows so the razor glides smoothly. As you get used to shaving, you can use the razor on dry skin for touch-ups.