How To Confront A Partner
Who Only Ever
Wants To Go
To Your Place
Not going to your partner's home may be typical during the first few weeks of dating, but it becomes a red flag when you're deep into a relationship and your partner still isn't inviting you to their place. While confronting your partner can be a tough conversation, it may also result in better communication and a happier relationship.
The key to having a tough conversation with your partner is to be direct while remaining non-judgmental. For instance, instead of asking, "Why do you never invite me over?" try, "I would like to spend more time at your place, how do you feel about that?" as it will allow you to express your needs and give your partner space to share their perspective.
If your partner avoids answering your question, you may need to be more direct in expressing your concerns. Saying something like, "When we never spend time at your place, it makes me feel like you're hiding something," for instance, can prompt your partner to open up and cooperate with you in order to mend the connection.
Even after thoughtful and direct communication, if you strongly feel that your partner's resistance to inviting you to their home is a symptom of a bigger problem, you should listen to that instinct. After all, you are the only one who can know whether you're comfortable in your relationship.