Young woman in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana pose. King Pigeon Pose.
How To Curate Your Yoga Wardrobe
Apple Watch & Fitbit
Not only are the Apple Watches and Fitbits trendy, but they are incredibly functional, helping you keep track of your heart rate, exercise timing, calories burned, and more. With an Apple Watch, you can also keep track of your friends’ exercise routines.
Sports Bra
Yoga requires tons of positions, so a good quality sports bra is essential for keeping your chest secure. Sports bras also make you feel confident, and you may even have a chance to catch a sun-kissed tan if you’re doing yoga outside.
Yoga Pants & Leggings
Your legs need to be able to easily and effortlessly move around during yoga. Yoga pants and leggings are made of stretchy material that doesn’t bunch up, so they won’t bother you as you’re performing yoga moves.
Yoga Shoes
If you have sensitive feet, yoga shoes are the perfect things to help make yoga more enjoyable. These shoes are incredibly flexible, allowing you to easily do different poses and stretches, while keeping the bottoms of your feet clean.
Yoga Shorts
Choose yoga shorts for doing yoga when it’s too hot as they allow your calves to breathe. Made from the same material as yoga pants and leggings, yoga shorts give you the same flexibility without the feeling of overheating.