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How To Curb Codependency In A Relationship
In Families
A codependent parent can go both ways on the spectrum and different factors will determine that. Parents who take on the caregiving role will often be overprotective, authoritative, and controlling, while dependent parents will rely on everyone else in the household to take care of them.
Romantic Relationships
If a person learned codependency as a child then there is a possibility that they will bring that with them into romantic relationships. The caretaker will put their wants and needs last while the dependent will demand more time and energy from their partner.
Codependency can be seen in friendships with excessive reliance on each other. Codependent friends can become so attached that their lives become intertwined and they prioritize this relationship over any other in their lives, so it can become exhausting and unhealthy.
Curbing Codependency
At the beginning of a relationship, some people are quite happy with the dynamics of codependency, but as the relationship progresses, they can cause a power imbalance leading to toxicity. It is best to curb this dynamic for the success of your relationship and your own mental health and well-being.
Identify Patterns
You need to identify the problem first because then you can start to break the patterns of codependency. Co-Dependents Anonymous is a support group for people struggling with codependency and the organization breaks codependent patterns into five categories: denial, low self-esteem, compliance, control, and avoidance.