How To Deep Clean Your AirPods And Other Headphones
Earwax, dirt, dust, and lint easily get trapped in the metal mesh inside your AirPods which can eventually lower the quality of audio or break them altogether, but on a more serious note, it can create bacteria and cause infections. A very serious infection, like swimmer’s ear, can occur, but thankfully it’s very easy to avoid this by using this method to clean your AirPods.
Apple says the best way to clean them is by using a soft, lint-free cloth around the outside and using a dry cotton swab to clean the inside mesh. Avoid using wet or sharp objects to clean them, and if you notice stubborn earwax that won’t budge, Amazon has an inexpensive tool called the Akiki Cleaner Kit which has putty squares that will remove the extra grime.
Just like AirPods, over-ear headphones should be cleaned as well, so use a lightly damp cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the outside to get rid of bacteria and then let it dry. Earbuds with a plastic covering over the earpiece should be cleaned as well, but first, take apart the earbuds and clean them with a cotton swab, then use another cotton swab to clean the metal part.