Crushed pink blush on white
How To DIY Your Own Pink Setting Powder
A recent TikTok hack will help you create your own pink setting powder to add a hint of color to your look using only translucent setting powder and your favorite
powder blush.
Take your translucent powder and add a little onto a clean object to mix it, like a small bowl or a piece of paper. Next, scrape a little of your favorite powder blush into the mix.
You can start with a little blush and build it up as desired for a stronger pop of color. Mix the two together so they're blended nicely, and you’re done!
Apply the powder like your regular face powders, being mindful of the pinkish hue so as not to overdo it. It’s best to apply it last over your foundation to finish off the look.
If you want more color on your cheeks, try adding a dash of your own blush or mixing more into your setting powder. Store it in a sealed container to keep it in good condition.