How To Do The 'Twist And Clip' Method For Perfect Air-Dried Hair
Applying too much heat to your hair can result in breakage, dryness, and brittleness. Air-drying may be a better option if you’re looking to maintain moisture and keep breakage at pay, and to dry and style your hair simultaneously, try out the “twist and clip” method.
The twist and clip method originated from a TikTok video by Dianna Cohen where she demonstrates parting her hair down the middle, taking two framing pieces and twisting them away from her face, and securing them on the crown of her head. Then, she does the same with the bottom section of her hair but twists them toward her face, and secures them with a clip.
To minimize frizziness and flatness, use a conditioner, rinse your hair with cold water, and apply products like leave-in conditioner and mousse. Once your hair is dry and you’ve taken out the clips, use a shine spray or light-hold hairspray to decrease frizz and flyaways, and a wide-tooth comb to smooth out tangles.