Woman wearing clear frames with flowers showcasing pink makeup and eyebrows
How To Find Glasses That Will Perfectly Fit With Your Eyebrow Shape
Glasses and eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to find a pair to complement them both. This can be tricky but not impossible.
First, look at the shape of your eyebrows before choosing a frame. The top rim of your glasses should generally match the shape of your brows.
When your eyebrows and glasses are in alignment, your glasses look the most natural on your face. This will allow your features to be showcased in the best light.
Full and thick eyebrows shouldn’t be overshadowed by big glasses, so a thin frame works best. Conversely, thin eyebrows benefit from thick-framed glasses.
Make sure your eyeglasses are not blocking the view of your eyebrows. As a rule of thumb, at least half of your brows should sit above the glasses' top rim.