How To Get In On The Baby Bangs Trend
Blunt Bangs
Baby bangs are a trend tagging along for the ride with the '90s and early 2000s style known as Y2K. Biz Sherbert, who specializes in internet and youth trend forecasting, stated that the trend was returning “in a more explicitly grunge way,” and was originally inspired by Audrey Hepburn's bangs in the '50s.
French Bangs
Baby bangs with a French-inspired twist look adorable on a short, chin-length bob. Culture and trends expert Rachel Weingarten says American actress Louise Brooks “paved the way for early feminists to bob their hair.”
Face Framing
Consult your hairstylist about what kind of framing with bangs would complement your facial features and face shape. If someone wants to show off their beautiful eyebrows, short bangs will be very flattering, while someone with great cheekbones should add a little length to the sides to help accentuate them.
Textured Combination
Similar to the ‘90s edgy style, you can combine baby bangs with a textured haircut, like a layered shag or mullet. These layers give your hair texture and volume; it’s a great balance with blunt or choppy bangs.
Loose, Curly Bangs
Curly hair shouldn't hold you back from trying a baby bang look, with a loose wave or curl, you can create loose, playful bangs for a fun style. If you have now decided that you want to try baby bangs for yourself, professionals share a bit of a warning: they're very short, they need to be styled every day and they take a while to grow back out.