Kate Middleton with a bouncy blowout
How To Get Kate Middleton's Chic Bouncy Blowout
Kate Middleton's style has evolved since being a member of the royal family, but one thing stays the same: her bouncy hair. With these tips, you can recreate her blowout at home.
For fuller hair, use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Use heat protectant, hair oil, or volumizing mousse if you have fine hair, and finish off with a shine spray.
Use cold water in the shower for optimal hair shine, and apply conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends of your strands after using Living Proof Full Shampoo.
Celebrity stylist Bridget Brager told Byrdie, “To get your blowout as bouncy as Kate's, start in the shower by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.”
Living Proof Full Shampoo is a great option, and only apply conditioner from the middle to the end of your strands. For optimal hair shine, opt for cold water in the shower.
Squeeze excess water with a microfiber towel, gently detangle your hair, and apply smoothing cream. Kate's hairdresser, Richard Ward, uses argan oil or blow-drying cream.
If argan oil weighs down your hair, opt for a volumizing mousse, and stylist Miffy Goknil tells Harper's Bazaar to use a "root spray or mousse." Then, go in with a heat protectant.
Blow Dry
In Ward's Daily Mail article, he recommends a round brush for a "smooth and sleek" blowout. Heat the roots at a low speed with the nozzle on the dryer, per Today.
Once the hair's about a quarter dry, work in sections and gently dry the hair straight against the brush. Once the hair is dry, Ward uses the Richard Ward Bodifying Spritz.