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How To Get Out Of A Dry Text Convo And Keep Things Interesting
If you’ve experienced “dry texting,” you’re not alone; dry texting happens when the person you’re talking to online keeps giving one-word replies and there’s no chemistry or pizzaz. Unfortunately, more than half of Tinder conversations die after the first message, so here are a few tips to liven up any conversation.
The next time you’re stuck in a dry convo, marriage counselor Marisa T. Cohen suggests playing a fun game like “Would You Rather” and asking engaging questions to get to know one another. If the person you’re talking to is traveling or in an exotic destination, ask them to send selfies of themselves going about their day, and throw in some compliments to get the conversation going.
If you’ve implemented these strategies and the conversation continues to be dry, you might have to cut them off if the connection is fading. If they don’t want to meet up in person even after talking, they are most likely not interested and you shouldn’t waste your time talking to them.