How To Get Perfect Beachy Waves Without Using Heat
The damage from heat styling is not worth it to most people, so these are the best alternatives to achieve beachy waves. Beachy waves are very simple to do, since you most likely already have the tools around your house.
Braids are the number one choice for heatless waves, and all you need to do is use a sea salt spray for texture, braid your hair in two sections, sleep in them overnight, and unravel and twist them to your liking once you wake up. Make sure your hair is damp, not wet, and for looser waves, tug at the braided strands to make them wider and more voluminous.
Another popular method is barreling your hair with pins. Start off with a texturizing spray, then part your hair vertically into loose sections, create a barrel of hair by wrapping the section around your finger in the direction away from your face, slide a pin upwards into your hair, and repeat for each section.
To get beachy waves with 4C hair, twist the sections of hair as you wrap them around your fingers into loops, pin the loops to your scalp, and sleep in them. Another method is separating the hair in two or three sections, splitting them each in half, and twisting the two halves of hair around each other tightly, then securing it, and you'll have the perfect beachy waves.