How To Get Self-Tanner Stains Out Of Your Clothing
Self-tanner is an easy and quick way to get that sun-kissed, summer skin you so desperately miss, but it can wreak havoc on your clothes. Don’t freak out if you accidentally get self-tanner on your clothes, because although it’s a pain to get out, there are a few tricks to make this tedious task a little more bearable.
The easiest self-tanner stain to tackle is one that has just happened; don’t scrub at the stain, instead, brush away any debris that may be near it and blot the stain with a baby wipe. If you don’t have a baby wipe, put the fabric directly under the faucet, run cold water over it, and add detergent if needed, then you can put it in the washing machine with a strong detergent.
The best way to remove a set-in stain is by using an oxygenated bleach, dissolve one scoop in a gallon of water and then submerge the fabric. Soak the fabric in this solution for eight hours or more, then wash the fabric at the hottest temperature the fabric will allow.