How To Get Your Loved Ones To Actually Use Their Voice And Vote
Help Them Register To Vote
You aren’t eligible to cast your ballot without first registering to do so. Determining whether your loved one is registered to vote at their current address, and helping them do so if they are not, can help them get past what is often the biggest barrier.
Find Out Why
If you have a loved one who chooses to opt out of voting, first simply find out why. Whatever their reason, take the time to truly listen to them before leading them to verified resources to answer their questions, and then let them know how much their vote matters.
Help Them Go To Vote
Voting is not easy or accessible for many people, and for various reasons, people cannot physically make it to the polls. Ways to remedy this can be: getting registration forms or absentee ballots filled out by the deadline, sharing voting guides, giving rides to the polls, and so forth.
Verbally Commit To Vote
Tell your loved one all about your detailed plan to vote and then ask them to do the same. Laying an actual plan of action out in words or putting it into writing increases the likelihood that your loved one will actually follow through with voting.
Converse Face-To-Face
One of the best ways to reach people is to simply sit them down and have a conversation with them and appeal to them by simply looking at them face-to-face and genuinely asking them to cast their ballot. This can allow a solid platform to be personal and direct, leading to less miscommunication.