Woman consoling friend on stairs.
How To Handle Your Friend Dating An Awful Person
1. Ask Yourself Why
If the person your friend is dating has done nothing that puts your friend at risk, then the problem may lie with you. Maybe you just don’t think they are a good match.
As long as the people involved are content, leave them be. But if your concerns are due to something that could harm your friend, it might be time to speak up.
2. Talk To Your Friend
Find out what your friend likes about this person to see if they have any great qualities you may have overlooked. This can help answer any of your unaddressed concerns.
It’s impossible to make fair assessments of one’s character based on first impressions, so be sure to give your friend’s partner a chance to show their true identity.
3. Get To Know Them
Make an effort to bond with your bestie's significant other by engaging in group activities with them to see how they interact with others and navigate challenging situations.
If you still can’t get along with your friend’s partner after trying activities, at least try to be civil in their presence and remain supportive of your friend’s relationship.
4. Give Your Friend Time
Even if your friend's partner exhibits obvious warning signs of cheating or abusive behavior, the best solution is sometimes to let your friend figure things out on their own.
However, if you're determined to split your friend and their partner up, quietly gather evidence of any inappropriate behavior so that your friend will be fully convinced.
5. Share Your Opinions
If you believe that your friend is dating the wrong person, you should share your honest opinion with them. Make sure you use specific examples instead of beating around the bush.
Allow your friend the time to process the information. No matter how they react, reassure them that you just want to help and that you’ll always be there for them.