How To Hem Those Too-Long Pants On
Your Own
Everyone has run into the issue of having the perfect pair of pants for an occasion, but they are too long for you. Thankfully, you only need to take a quick drive to the drugstore to solve this at a moment's notice.
Using a fashion hem tape is the quickest fix and will only set back about $6. Use this tape by placing it on your folded seam, dampening the surface part of your pants or jeans, and ironing over the surface.
If you are looking for a long-term fix, you can sew the new hem yourself by removing the original hem with a seam ripper and ironing it flat. Next, you’ll turn your pants inside out, fold to the desired length and pin it in place.
After creating a sharp crease with an iron, cut the fabric an inch below the crease. Fold the new hem half an inch, iron, and then fold another half an inch and pin it again. Lastly, you will sew the new hem into place.