Woman with shiny black hair
How To Hop On The Sleek ‘Glass Hair' Trend
1. Glass Bobs Are Ultra-Trendy
The "glass hair" trend is all about clean, shiny locks. Shiny bobs are one of the trendiest style options, combining a chic short length with a gorgeous, silky shine effect.
2. It Makes Dark Hair Alluring
If you wish to make your dark locks look even more sleek, rich, deep, and mysterious, go for a glass look to make you feel like you belong on a runway or movie screen.
3. Light Hair Will Look Angelic
Glassy light locks are beautiful in a dainty and gentle way. Shiny and long blond, copper, or pastel pink hair exudes delicate, hyper-feminine beauty straight out of a fairy tale.
4. Celebrities Love This Look
Hailey Bieber, Sophie Turner, and Ariana Grande all flaunt straight, glossy hair in various lengths, inspiring us to spend more time on our locks for this sleek look.