How To Incorporate The Romantic Ribbon Trend Into Your Everyday Wardrobe
Charming Chokers
Tying a ribbon around your neck to create a choker is a simple and charming way to try this romantic trend. Display the bow in front of, behind, or on the side of your neck; you can also pair the choker with other, longer necklaces for dimension.
Basic Bows
Placing a ribbon in your ponytail, braid, or bun can instantly add a feminine touch, provide texture, complement your style, and add a little "wow" factor, all at the same time. Thicker ribbons will draw more attention, while dainty pieces are subtle yet effective.
Wrapped Up In Ribbons
Pair ballet flats with ribbon ankle wraps for a Balletcore outfit, and also to accentuate your ankles in a decolletage effect that is both delicate and daring. Choose ribbon colors based on your style, from soft pinks for a classic neutral look, to black for an edgier look.
Bold Bracelets
Ribbons don't have to be on your clothing or in your hair to be fashionable — using them as jewelry can be very fashion forward, and it makes accessorizing easy. Loop a ribbon around your wrist several times for a dramatic look, or stick to one wrap around for a simple staple.
Clever Collars
A blouse with a ribbon at the collar brings a chic but gentle demeanor to any outfit, allowing you to flirt with the romantic side of this fad without overdoing it. Ideal for work or date night, a blouse with a collar bow is multi-functional.