How To Keep Your Skin Matte On Even The Hottest Summer Days
Even though you love summer and sunny days, oily skin is something we all dread. Summer’s heat makes your oil glands produce more sebum, which makes you sweat more and leads to your makeup melting, but thankfully, there are a few hacks to keep your skin oil-free all day long.
To ensure your skin stays matte throughout the day, upgrade your skincare routine to include cleansers and toners that contain salicylic acid to ward off pimples and help moderate oil production. No matter the season, you should always wear moisturizer, but if you have oily skin, gel moisturizers are recommended as they do not contain oil and are lightweight.
To make sure your makeup stays on all day, use a mattifying primer and switch up your thick foundation for a tinted moisturizer or light foundation, and makeup artist May Quyhn says to look for products with words like "oil-free and mattifying." Lock in your makeup with a mattifying setting spray or powder and use blotting sheets to get you through the day.