How To Make Your Press-On Nails Look Like The Real Thing
Press-on nails are no longer considered tacky, and ever since the pandemic, they’ve risen in popularity. Press-on nails come in numerous colors, sizes, patterns, shapes, and more, so if you want to be bougie on a budget, skip the salon and grab any press-on nails that catch your attention.
To ensure your fake nails look natural, you need to find the right size and shape. You can file the sides of the press-on nails so they fit your nail perfectly and then reshape them to flatter your hands. Those with short fingers should choose a round shape, oval is best for wide nail beds and those seeking a slimming effect should go for an almond shape.
Nail prep is key to natural, long-lasting press-on nails; the first step is to wash your hands, file away any dirt, clean up the cuticles, and use rubbing alcohol to dehydrate the nail. Once these steps are complete, use a sizeable amount of nail glue so the press-on nail sticks to your natural nail, and avoid harsh chemicals and frequent moisture.