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How To Modernize The Classic Pin-Up Eyeliner Trend
Add A Parallel Line
An easy way to update your classic wing is to add a parallel line underneath it. Trace your lower lash line and extend it to follow your original wing, making sure to leave some clear space between the two wings.
Use A Vibrant Color
Try using a fun color to draw on your wings instead of black. If you don’t have colored eyeliner, you can DIY your own by mixing your preferred shade of eyeshadow with some micellar water and applying it like a liquid eyeliner.
Explore The Cut-Crease
A cut crease is a great alternative to the classic wing. Draw a line from the end of your wing toward your crease, thin it out so it slowly fades, and make sure to keep the space between the lines as light as possible to bring out the drama.
Use White Eyeliner
White eyeliner will always look bold — so if you're feeling it, give it a try. You can go about it any way you want, but we recommend combining it with a fun eyeshadow color, as seen in the above picture.
Do A Soft Brown Wing
A classic wing can often look too dramatic, so if drama isn't your cup of tea, try a softer version using a brown liner. In general, brown eyeliner tends to look less harsh, and no matter your skin color, you can find a shade that suits you.