How To Nail The 'Barely-There' Eyeliner Trend
There’s a new trend known as “barely-there” makeup which doesn’t require you to add layers of makeup. This trend focuses on most people’s best feature, their eyes, and while there are numerous tutorials to perfect the barely-there eyeliner, here are a few hacks to know before you try it out for yourself.
Less is more when it comes to makeup, so you’ll need a very light touch when applying eyeliner, and instead of a harsh liquid liner, opt for a pencil. Once you’ve found your desired eyeliner, apply the pencil to your top lash line using short, quick strokes, then smudge the line with a cotton swab at the end to create a soft, barely-there appearance.
If your eyeliner came out a little messy, just use a damp cotton swab to clean it up, and consider adding a little concealer to brighten up the area around your eyes. You can also make your eyes pop by using a pencil to add highlighter right under your eyelashes, and you’ll be amazed by how much of a difference this makes.