woman wearing vibrant eyeshadow as part of the dopamine makeup trend
How To Nail The Dopamine Beauty Trend
Dopamine Lipstick
Lipstick is the perfect solution to incorporate unique and vibrant colors into your makeup look, but proper lip prep is necessary to avoid issues with bold pigments.
Vivid Eyeshadows
Matching colorful, vibrant eyeshadows with complementary hues is key to adapting this look for day-to-day wear. It can give your look a chic and modern edge.
Vibrant Eyeliner
Whether you love a subtle cat or siren eye, eyeliner can complete your overall eye look. For a little more pop, match your under eyeliner with your eyeshadow.
Colorful Mascara
Adding a pop of color with bold mascara is an easy way to feel included in the dopamine beauty trend. A neon color can be a subtle but significant addition to your look.
Natural & Dopamine Makeup
For a cohesive look using these vibrant hues, pair them with natural finishes such as sheer foundation coverage and nude lips. This technique is perfect for everyday use.