Narcissism is a very tricky thing to deal with in a relationship, and while only 5% of the population actually have narcissistic personality disorder, others can still have narcissistic traits. Those with NPD can’t empathize at all, but narcissistic people are less extreme, and they will acknowledge their narcissism and empathize to a degree.
You have to know what you’re up against when in a relationship with a narcissistic person, so don’t try to change them, since it will be fruitless. They will also gaslight you and let you think you’re calling the shots when they’ll just change their mind in the end, so you’ll have to put your foot down and set boundaries.
It’s tough being in love with a narcissist, but you need to rise above their put-downs and negativity by not taking it personally. If you’ve reached out for help and done everything in your power to try and make it work, but it’s still not, you’ll have to put an end to the relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person because you put yourself first.