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How To Navigate Being In A Relationship With Different Views On Religion
Couples often minimize the differences in their religions at the beginning of their relationship and while it may not feel like a big deal initially, if you're both seriously involved in your faiths, it will eventually catch up to you. Instead,
a good idea is to talk about it
honestly and openly.
Sharing stories with your partner about holidays and traditions is a good way to not only learn about their religion but also how your partner interprets their religion. According to psychologist Dr. Linda Humphreys, Ph.D. "Sharing funny holiday stories engages the other person in a non-threatening, non-demanding-of-anything manner."
Middle Ground
Falling in love with someone whose religion is different from yours gives you both the chance to honor your own religious beliefs while still respecting each other's faiths. Incorporating aspects of each other’s religions in your traditions and holidays can help make every celebration unique and specific to your faiths.
Unless one of you isn't devout and is open to converting, the last thing you want to do is try to convert each other. Conversion is basically a euphemism for saying your religion is better than other religions and can often take the form of disrespect towards your partner and their beliefs.
While there's no denying the impact that religion can have on a relationship, when it comes down to it, values can be seen as more important than religion. If both you and your partner share the same values and ethics, love each other, and have healthy communication, the god you pray to or the way you worship shouldn't stand in the way.