A person having a video chat with their partner.
How To Navigate Struggles In Your Mid-Distance Relationship
While long-distance relationships require your partner to live on the other side of the state at a minimum, a one to three hours drive qualifies your relationship as mid-distance.
When it comes to mid-distance dating, factors like the commute, separate friend circles, and different work schedules can cause issues, but there are ways to deal with them.
Use Technology As Much As You Can
Texting is a good way to keep in touch, but you still want to schedule video chats, especially in private. Decide how often you want to call, as you may not need daily check-ins.
All romantic relationships require some form of intimacy, and even if you can’t touch, it's crucial to see each others' faces and body language, and to celebrate milestones.
Do Things Together Apart
You can do almost everything together using technology. Movie dates are possible with platforms like Zoom or streaming apps with watch party options, like Prime, Hulu, and Disney+.
Your partner can help you go shopping or have meals with you through the phone. Even if they’re snacking at home, a video chat can make it feel like you're together.
Set Regular
In-Person Dates
Scheduling monthly or weekly dates can take the edge off the time you spend apart, even if they’re brief. Meeting in the middle might also give you more chances to see each other.
If either of you has to cancel, immediately reschedule the time so you can both feel comfortable knowing it won't be too long until you're holding hands again.
Set Your Boundaries
Since you’ll both have different friends, there may be moments of jealousy. Trust is important in relationships, and without it, your connection can break down pretty quickly.
Hence, it's necessary to set boundaries. Discuss what you consider cheating or “emotional cheating,” what things you only want to do together, and what things are okay to do apart.