A martini is a special drink that screams both class and badass. Depending on how you ask the bartender to make a martini says a lot about you, so this is how to order one confidently and accurately at the bar.
When prohibition ended, the classic martini was created, which is gin combined with vermouth and garnished with an olive. However, there are all kinds of variations, including swapping gin for vodka, using an onion as a garnish, adding olive juice, or using less vermouth.
Martinis are served “up,” meaning no ice, but make sure you don’t order it “straight-up,” which means no vermouth, leaving you with just alcohol and a garnish. Purists will tell you that a martini shouldn’t be shaken, since it will “bruise” the alcohol, whereas stirring the drink will make it smooth — but ultimately, the perfect martini is the one you want to drink.