How To Perfect The Viral Soap Brow Trend
There seems to be an eyebrow trend in every decade, like the bushy brows of the ‘80s and razor-thin brows of the ‘90s, and now in 2022, we’re putting soap on our brows. There are viral videos explaining how to achieve the soap brow, but here are a few things to know before you give it a try.
Unlike brow gel, soap contains glycerin, so it will hold onto brow hairs, thus giving it a shiny slicked-back look, and Dr. Dhaval G. Bhanusali says soap is a “great humectant and can keep eyebrow hair hydrated and healthy.” However, body soap can cause irritation, so opt instead for a soap meant for eyebrows, like West Barn Company’s tinted brow soap.
To achieve the soap brow look, the first step is to spray your spoolie with a styling mist, then generously coat it with soap, and apply the product up towards your hairline. Once you’ve combed up all your brow strands, feel free to trim along the top or use your spoolie to comb the hairs along your natural brow arch, and now you can say you’ve tried the soap brow trend!