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How To Pick The Right Dress Shape For Your Body Type
The rectangle body shape is the most common and is defined by shoulders and hips that have roughly the same measurements paired with a straight waist. Styles like the empire waist, wrap, A-line, and ruched waist dresses help achieve the illusion of curves and a defined waist.
The athletic body type has similar measurements in shoulders and hips, but this shape tends to have broader shoulders and a leaner frame. Stylists recommend dresses that put emphasis on the lower body (like a fit-and-flare) or bold necklines that draw attention to the center of the body (like scoop- or V-necks).
The apple (a.k.a. round) is defined by larger bust and shoulder measurements compared to relatively narrower hips. Waist definition and adding fullness to the lower body are key, so dress shapes like the fit-and-flare, empire waist, and wrap achieve this by drawing attention away from the midsection and to assets like the bust and legs.
Inverted Triangle
Inverted triangle body types will have wider shoulder and bust measurements with narrower lower bodies and undefined waists. You can incorporate dress styles from apple and athletic body types like those that flare from the waist or hips because you want to minimize the upper body while adding volume to the lower body.
Only 10% of women truly possess an hourglass figure, which is defined by nearly equal measurements in the shoulders and hips, paired with a narrower waist in between. To maintain the balance of this shape opt for fit-and-flare, wrap, and tulip dresses that will accentuate an hourglass.