Woman Closing Eyes Enjoying Peace And Nature On Hike Through Woods
How To Practice The AIR Method For Staying Present And Aware
We are over-stimulated in many areas of our lives, and with distractions pulling us in different directions and demanding our attention, it can be a struggle to stay present. There is a simple way to calm, center, and work through each moment of stress, and it focuses on breathing.
Mindfulness expert Amanda Lynch developed the AIR Method (AIR = Awareness, Intention, and Response), which is easy to do and can bring you back to a state of bliss in minutes. Awareness means to focus on how you’re feeling, and intention is employed by deciding if this feeling serves you.
If it is a feeling you want to keep, respond by inhaling deeply and take in the moment, but if it’s one you need to release, then exhale it away from you instead. In all, the AIR Method takes about five minutes and is incredibly effective in bringing people back to the present and living more in the moment each day.