two women walking in park
How To Put An Adult Upgrade On Your Hot Girl Walk
TikTok has created a delightful merger between hot girl walks and happy hour. Cheeky wine walks might just become the trendiest activity of the summer.
Wine walks are exactly what they sound like. The standard take on the wine walk is to fill a reusable water bottle with the wine of your choice and take it with you on your walk.
This can be a casual date night with your partner or an impromptu hangout with your friends. It could also work as a pre-game activity with pals before going to an event.
Unfortunately, this is by no means a replacement for a normal walk. Alcohol has both depressant and stimulant effects, which are not ideal for your mental health.
That said, going on a wine walk once in a while could be a rewarding way to appreciate nice weather and have a pleasant evening with loved ones. Just be sure to sip responsibly.