A woman in a white and red striped dress with a stack of bracelets on her wrist
How To Put Together The Perfect Bracelet Stack
For a bracelet "stack," you’ll want at least three bracelets on one arm or both. The general rule of thumb is to cover no more than a third of your forearm, but you can add more.
Add variation to your thin bracelets by adding thicker pieces in between. Wear the larger jewelry in the center, with the thinner bracelets around it.
Mix & Match
Wear your gold, silver, and copper bracelets all together. They will complement neutral-toned outfits of white, cream, and black.
Big and bold cuff bracelets can make a stunning addition to your stack, adding a modern touch that can be worn anywhere.
Gemstone bracelets add the perfect touch of color to your stack, whether they include your birthstone or just your favorite color. Feel free to mix and match them.
Whimsical and colorful beaded jewelry makes the perfect warm weather accessories. Pair these bright colors with neutral tones.