How To Read And Understand Your Astrological Birth Chart
Find Your Sign
To find your unique birth chart, find your exact birth time and the city you were born in to determine the planetary positions at that time. Unlike years ago when you’d have to do complex and lengthy calculations, nowadays, computer software speeds up the process, allowing you to figure out your birth chart quickly.
What Does It Look Like?
Your birth chart is filled with symbols, numbers, shapes, and lines; the diagram is split up into 12 sections, and each section refers to the astrological houses and shows you your zodiac signs, planets, and other celestial bodies. Once you become familiar with the ins and outs of the different symbols and meanings, you can obtain an interpretation unique to you.
Ascendant Sign
Your rising sign, aka the first house and ascendant sign, is the sign that’s present on the Eastern horizon at your time of birth, so this changes every few hours which is why those who share a sun sign may have different personalities. This sign represents how others perceive you and your perception of reality; this sign is found at the 9 o’clock position of the chart.
Midheaven Sign
The midheaven sign is essentially the Medium Coeli, meaning the center of the sky in Latin; you’ll find the midheaven at the top of the birth chart wheel, representing the cusp of the 10th house. This sign represents your social role and is a symbol of your professional choices, people of importance to you, individual goals, and motivations.
Imum Coeli
Also known as the IC, this sign is directly opposite the midheaven at the bottom of your birth chart. This sign represents the fourth house, symbolizing growing up, your upbringing, and your home; this sign also indicates the ability to bond with others and gives you insight into your inner child.