How To Recognize And Prevent Burnout
Do You Feel Cynical?
Being cynical every day, no matter what is on the schedule, is one of the biggest signs that you’re dealing with burnout. Being cynical at work could be stalling your career, and it’s difficult to take yourself out of this headspace and be more optimistic.
Analyze The Positives
Analyzing some of the reasons why your job is a good thing can help you feel less cynical. Whether it’s a well-paying job, the company’s culture and values, an open-door policy, quality benefits, or room to grow, these analyses will help you appreciate your job a bit more.
Do You Dread Work?
You are most likely suffering from burnout if your enthusiasm has been crushed and you feel as if you have to drag yourself to work every day. If you feel resentful about waking up and getting ready to go to work, and if you spend the entire shift checking the clock, then you’re burnt out.
Work From Home
Consider working from home to avoid being in the office, and talking to your scheduling manager may help you seek out a better schedule. For instance, determine if you want to work 10:30 am instead of 9 am, and if it’s possible for your job to be done remotely, it’s worth making the request.
Do Co-Workers Annoy You?
If you feel overwhelmed with annoyance every time you have to interact with the people you work with, it's obvious that you're dealing with some burnout. The best work environments are filled with people who vibe well together — but you can't force yourself to love a group of people you simply don't get along with.