Diana, Princess Of Wales, smiling in a black sleeveless dress.
How To Replicate Princess Diana's Favorite Manicure
Aside from Princess Diana’s favorite red nail polish, French manicures were also her signature look. It’s fitting that a princess would have chosen a chic and timeless manicure.
French nails make your fingers appear longer. To replicate this look, prep your nails by removing overgrown cuticles, then wash your hands.
Next, buff your nails to even out the surface, and apply a thin layer of base coat. When dry, apply a sheer or nude polish, like Diana.
The princess always had medium-length, square-shaped nails. Make drawing on the tip easier with a stencil tape, or use a stamping tool to help achieve the straight line.
You can always use a micro detail brush to sharpen the edges. Cover with a shimmery or pink-tinted nail polish for a princess-style glaze on top.
Finish the manicure with a swipe of a top coat and use some nail polish remover to clean the surrounding skin. Wait for the nails to cure or dry, then apply nail oil.