How To Revive Your Nails After A Bad Gel Manicure
A gel manicure is meant to strengthen your nails without adding tips or acrylics and is supposed to last longer without chipping. However once removed, your natural nails will be even weaker than before, but there is a way to avoid this issue.
The first thing you need to do is remove the gel correctly to ensure that you can revive your natural nails much easier. You’ll want to file down the first layer of gel, then soak cotton balls in acetone and put them on your nails wrapped in foil or plastic; once the polish is easy to remove, use a cuticle stick to scrape it off.
When the gel is off your nails, you need to take extra precautions to not break them and make them stronger. Cut and round them to avoid chipping, and then buff them so the nail plate is smooth; nail strengthener and cuticle oil will ensure that the new nail grows strong and healthy.