Beauty Girl with Stylish Eye Makeup and Purple Lipstick. Model Face Closeup with Glitter Eyeshadow on Closed Eyes. Sexy Woman with Two Space Buns Hairstyle over Dark studio Background
How To Rock A Mauve Lip This Fall
For a cohesive look that doesn't make your mauve lips look out of place, opt for purple shades in your eyes and cheeks. This combination can look chic and subtle.
Mauve lip gloss is shiny and glamorous, ideal for a dewy look. It can also counteract a matte makeup design to add more shine to your look.
A matte mauve lip creates a creamy texture and a more daring design. Use matte to counteract with a dewier face to create an exciting contrast.
For ombré mauve lips, outline your lips with a deep mauve lip liner. Fill your inner lips with regular mauve lipstick and blend it with your lip liner for a softer transition.
Soft Looks
For a mauve look that's soft, dreamy, and feminine, get closer to pink than purple and reach for a dusty mauve pink shade.