woman in black slip dress with white shirt underneath holding flowers
How To Rock A Trendy Slip Dress All Summer Long
Mini Slip With A Blazer
Wear a mini slip dress with a blazer for a structured and effortlessly cool look on those hot summer days. To show off some skin, roll up the sleeves of the blazer.
Bold Pattern
With this streamlined dress, you can afford to wear bold patterns and colors. Consider an abstract print or a large-scale floral pattern.
Throw A Shirt Over It
On those cool summer days, grab a light sweater or a long-sleeved button-down to put on over your dress. Add more shape to the sweater by tying and tucking the hem in the back.
Wear A Shirt Under It
A T-shirt can add a bit of color or pattern to an outfit with a solid slip dress. Make sure the shirt you wear underneath is thin so it doesn’t look bunched up.
Layer With Leather
A leather jacket immediately brings a touch of edginess and sleekness to a slip dress. The fabrics contrast each other beautifully, creating a very chic cool girl look.