How To Rock The Bleached Brow Trend Without The Bleach
Blonde Concealer
The key to faux blonde brows lies in a good concealer, and the best for the brow trend is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. However, if you're looking for a more platinum or cooler-toned blond, test out an even lighter concealer shade.
Gel Your Brows
Part of the bleached brow trend is also the boy brow styling, so you'll want to treat them with a gel and brush them into your desired shape before going in with concealer. Apply a small amount on a spoolie and brush generously into the brows without overdoing it.
Coat And Style
Once you've gelled and styled your brows, clean your spoolie and use it to apply the concealer evenly, working upwards and out to the edges. It's best to work with a liquid full-coverage concealer that can hide dark hairs.
Blonde Brow Pencil
If you have brows that are already in the light to dark-brown shade group, rather than using a liquid concealer, you can opt for a concealer pencil to shade over the entire brow and leave a matte finish. To clean up the area, use a blonde brow pencil for added definition.
Try A Filter
If you're hesitant to take the blonde plunge, you can first try the bleached brows on via a TikTok filter. However, it's important to note that the filter not only sleeks your brows back but also gives you a slight brow lift and pouted lips, so it won’t look the same as you will naturally.