How To Rock Wide-Legged Pants If You’re Short
Cropped/Ankle Length
Wide-legged pants with a crop or ankle cut are ideal for shorter frames, and by opting for a higher waist, you can add length for a truly stylish and chic look. For most people 5 foot 3 inches and below, a 28-inch inseam will provide a full-length effect.
Kick It In Kick Flares
Kick flares get wider as they go down, providing an open cut that is flattering on both your hips and lower legs. The exaggerated cut allows for optimum accentuation and will help give you a longer frame, which is always a win for the shorter crowd.
Mom Jeans
The mom jean cut can be rolled or cuffed at the ankle to build a cropped look, and are more flattering than the boyfriend option since they elongate shorter forms. There is still a ton of space inside the legs, so you won’t feel relegated to tighter thigh areas.
Try A Tailor
A good tailor is an asset to any wardrobe, as they can find the ideal cut for wide-leg pants that might not fit properly straight off the rack. Think about what kind of shoes will be worn with the pants, and discuss with your tailor how they can best approach the hemline.
Cutting your own pants to fit you can give them a raw, un-hemmed look, which is totally in right now. There is also something gratifying in creating your own finished product; just make sure you stick to one length around the entire hem to avoid giving your pants a mullet.