If you have a hard time saving money, you’re not alone, because 21% of people in the United States don’t save any of their yearly income, according to Bankrate. With countless tempting items to buy, it’s difficult to save, but we’re here to teach you how to improve your shopping habits.
Before you reach for every nail polish color on the shelf, always ask yourself if it’s an item you want, or an item you need. Identifying a need vs. a want will save you a lot of money, since what you need is housing, healthcare, and food, but what you want is the newest clothing or beauty item.
As much as you’d like to think of eating out, traveling, and expensive clothes as needs, they are wants, so if you’re trying to save up, cut out some wants, and you’ll be surprised by how much money you save. Instead of buying new, expensive clothes, try out secondhand shopping, and you might find amazing pieces at a thrift store.