How To Soft-Launch Your Relationship On Social Media
In the digital age, it's hard to figure out how to disclose a budding relationship, so we’ll explain the art of social media soft-launching. Relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan says a soft-launch is “a subtle way to show the world you are no longer single,” so check out how you can post a soft-launch on social media.
When it comes to the soft-launch, it's all about the photos and a specific tagging technique. For women, Digital marketing specialist Jenna Fisher suggests “posting a picture of him at a restaurant,” without showing his face and tagging the restaurant in the post, not him.
Fisher stated men handle it a bit differently, choosing to be alone in the photo and tagging their date as the “photographer” on the post. Soft-launch photos are best kept to Instagram Stories. Since those stories only last 24 hours, so, it doesn't feel like too much of a commitment.