How To Style A Corset Top For Any Occasion
High-Waisted Pants
While the corset was worn with puffy dresses in the past, now, you can wear it with high-waisted pants that have a fitted waist to enhance your curves. Mismatching colors can work, but matching colors is even more impactful, like a nude-on-nude look.
Bouffant Dress
A nod to the times when wearing corsets and skirts was the norm, pairing a corset with a frilly, loose dress will transport you to the 18th century. Add some extra ribbons to your outfit for a stylish, Marie Antoinette meets modernity combination.
Puff-Sleeve Top
Adopt the gothic look with a black, Victorian-inspired corset by wearing it over a plumetis top. For those who want to avoid the dark and gloomy look, keep things casual by layering the corset over a puff-sleeve top, or wear it as a belt or full-bust support.
Matching Skirt
Go retro with a vintage corset top and a matching skirt; whether it’s by color or by pattern, a matching mini skirt immediately brings a modern look to the outfit. Accessorize with a thrift-store handbag, leather jacket, and stiletto heels to avoid a too-retro look.
Cozy Sweater
The good thing about a corset is that you can actually wear one in any season, even when it’s cold. To pull off a corset in the winter, layer it over a wool sweater and some high-waisted corduroy pants to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.