How To Style Your Favorite Comfy Oversized T-Shirt
Pair It With Knee-High Boots
Wearing oversized t-shirts as an ensemble is all about playing with silhouettes, so when you pair the flow of the tee with a tighter look on the bottom, you're essentially creating the illusion of curves. Knee or thigh-high boots are the perfect way to create this harmony.
Biker Shorts and Sneakers
Biker shorts mesh amazingly well with oversized tees as their medium length allows you to show some skin while providing thigh coverage. Instagrammer Fabiana Justus paired her plain white t-shirt with biker shorts, a belt, sneakers, and a blazer in order to create a stunningly minimalistic ensemble.
Accentuate With A Fanny Pack
Fanny packs are no longer considered uncool or saved only for dorky dads; in fact, they can be seen on some of the top runway models of the 2020s. Pictured above, you can see how Instagram user @Emilyyluff perfectly pairs one with an oversized tee.
Tuck It In For A ‘90s Vibe
There's just something about an oversized t-shirt tucked snugly into a pair of vintage jeans that screams "I don't care" in the best way possible. Instagram content creator @Thecheekydna shows off her take on this pairing, and we simply love how old-school and put-together she makes this outfit appear.
Pair It With A Large Bag
Not only are oversized t-shirts in style, but oversized bags are as well. "Small bag fatigue is starting to settle in," states celebrity stylist Thomas Christos Kiki, "The Fendi Spy bag era is upon us." Instagrammer Yesenia Soto marries the two trends beautifully with an all-black look.