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How To Tell If You Are A Silver Or Gold Jewelry Girl, According To TikTok
A popular TikTok filter — officially known as the Pink to Green filter — turns your skin a pink or golden green hue to help you decide if you should wear gold or silver jewelry.
According to the filter, those who end up pink are said to look better in silver jewelry, and those the filter deems green should supposedly stick with gold.
However, it really comes down to the skin's undertone. Those with cool-toned skin possess icy blue or pink undertones, and those with warm skin have gold or yellow undertones.
If you have cool-toned skin, your undertones are complemented by the icy hue of silver. Conversely, gold against cool-toned skin can make you look blue or gray.
Gold jewelry will bring out the glowing golden undertone of your complexion. Wearing silver, however, is likely to highlight the yellow tones in a way that can appear sallow.
TikTok's Green to Pink filter aims to merely reveal whether your skin appears to be warm-toned or cool-toned. However, it isn't fully clear whether green or pink indicates cool.
According to creators like Gabriella Recine, pink signifies warm tones and green or gold signifies cool tones. If you see patches of both, assume your skin is neutral in tone.