How To Tell Your Partner That You Were Unfaithful In Your Relationship
Brutal Honesty
If you’ve been unfaithful to your partner, you need to be willing to come clean with every detail if you have any interest in saving your relationship. It’s a painful conversation, but it’s best that your partner hears the news from you first and that you tell them as soon as possible to maintain their trust.
Enlist A Mutual Friend
Enlisting a mutual friend to tell your partner about your infidelity will allow you to get the news across while avoiding your partner’s initial reaction. You’ll be putting your friend in a tricky situation, and it’s always best to tell your partner yourself, so only use this option if you are truly too hesitant to have the conversation.
Tell Them In Public
If your partner is prone to emotional outbursts or you don't think they'll react well to hearing that you cheated, you might consider telling them in a public setting. This can help you avoid hugely messy conflicts or dramatic scenes, but you should still consider a setting that won’t allow others to eavesdrop.
Share Positive News First
Buttering someone up before breaking bad news can make what you’re sharing easier to digest. You can lighten the mood by telling them a funny anecdote, or appeal to their sentimental side by reminding them of some of your more romantic memories; it can help to create a bit of positivity before you come clean.
Tell Them With A Gift
Giving your partner a gift you know they’ll love can show them that your actions match your words of guilt and remorse. However, some people may feel like you’re trying to distract them from what you’ve done, so keep in mind that your gift doesn’t cancel out your infidelity — it merely softens the blow.